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VW Gol Last Edition (Photo: Disclosure/Volkswagen)

Unit number 0042/1000 of the Gol Last Edition (referring to the time the hatch was sold in Brazil) will be offered through an NFT at the VW Digital Garage – a collection platform for digital items created by the manufacturer itself. The auction will open at 12:00 pm on December 1st and will run for one week, until 10:00 pm on December 8th.

The initial bid is exactly the price of the Gol Last Edition, which had its online sales lot sold out in just 30 minutes: R$95,990.


Check out how Gol Last Edition unit 42 will be auctioned

The winner of the auction, in addition to guaranteeing one of the 1,000 units of the hatch’s special series, will take an exclusive NFT card, referring to the farewell series of the Gol. The digital sketch was specially designed by José Carlos Pavone, Head of Design for South America at Volkswagen, to illustrate the cover of the owner’s manual for the Gol special series. In addition to the digital item, an autographed physical version of the drawing will also be delivered to the winner.


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