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What is the Omicron XBB variant and why is the message circulating on WhatsApp “false”?

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It's gone viral in recent hours Whatsapp thread talking about the new XBB Ómicron variant. The message was received with concern as it spoke of perceived danger and higher lethality. However, this is false news, which, thanks to its sensationalism, managed to sneak into the chat rooms of more than one cell phone.

The authorities issued the following statement: “They false in Messages that go viral whatsapp about "a new variant of COVID-Ómicron XBB". We ask the public to reject this type of chain and keep themselves informed through our official channels.", - the text, distributed through the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, says.

XBB variant was detected in the country in the week of November 13, according to the National Epidemiological Bulletin. The message thread was posted on the app and reproduced in both English and Chinese versions. which also circulated in other countries in Latin America, Asia, and Europe..

What does the fake text that is being circulated on WhatsApp say?

The text erroneously recommends "everyone the world to wear a mask because the novel coronavirus variant Covid-omicron XBB is different, deadly and not easy to detect correctly".

He also claims, without support, that this variant does not cause cough or fever, to which he adds that the new symptoms of these variants would be "joint pain, headache, neck and/or back pain, pneumonia, and lack of appetite.". It is important to emphasize that there is no scientific data on symptomatic changes in infections caused by the new Ómicron sublines.

Finally, the network claims without scientific backing that "Omicron XBB is five times more dangerous than the Delta variant and has a higher death rate than that. It takes less time for the condition to reach extreme severity, and sometimes there are no overt symptoms.”

What is the new Covid XBB variant really like?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Omicron XBB is recombinant variant of sublines BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75. However, while longer and more in-depth studies are needed, experts do not believe there are significant differences in disease severity for XBB infections.

Source: Cronista

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