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A Free Trick to Improve Whole House Wi-Fi That Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

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Internet services will grow up to 30% during this year. And what's worse, there will be no significant changes or improvements to the servicewhich means that for those who have problems connecting to the router, there will not be so many modifications.

The first climb was 19.8% which will start working from the next October 1to which will be added 9.8% as of December 1.

However, the download does not improve the performance of the services, so many users may still experience connection problems. But there is an easy and cheap way. to improve the WiFi connection, although many do not know about it.

$0 Trick to Improve Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

Many modems, devices that emit a WiFi signal, They come with certain special settings that limit their range by default.. This is a security measure that, for example, prevents the intersection of connection signals of neighboring houses.

To solve this problem, you must enter the modem's IP address. This is achieved by entering the numbers into an internet browser in the same way as one would enter a web page.. Usually the password is the same as on the Internet, although sometimes it can be "admin" and "admin" for the password; or "admin" and password "123". You can check this information with your service provider. Currently, you have to change the parameter to put it in the "max" range.

First you have to touch "other" and then "power output".

The configuration should look like this.

Additional tricks for WiFi

There are a few more free and paid cheats that They allow you to improve your internet connection.

The best way to enjoy your internet service is to directly connect the devices that consume the most data with a network cable. such as smart TVs, computers and game consoles. Here's how we managed to offload the home Wi-Fi network.

Because the WiFi signal is not designed to pass through walls, ceilings, doors, or other obstacles, its range depends on its correct location. For this reason, it is recommended to place the router in a large area without obstructions to ensure adequate signal propagation..

In order for WiFi to cover all rooms of the house, It is recommended to install signal extension devices. For example, Wi-Fi repeaters. Optimize wireless signal range with Mesh technology.

Source: Cronista

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