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World Cup Super Deal: These Argentines Will Auction Fernet, Wine And Cheap Yerba In Australia If Team Wins

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After a comfortable victory over Poland Argentine national team will begin its journey through the final phase Qatar World Cup 2022 against Australia in 1/8 finals this Saturday at 16:00. in search of a way further and further in Lionel Messi's last world championship.

For Argentines abroad, this is a time of great euphoria, but also of complications. It is not easy to encourage the national team, being away from the country. This will be the case for Argentines living in Australia, Argentina's next rival..

To shorten distances The Argentine company launched a special promotion for all compatriots who came to the World Cup from abroad.

How is the special promotion for Argentines watching the game from Australia

a group of Argentines created a kind of "global Argentinean supermarket". which sells to the rest of the world what Argentines lack most in their own country. Business allows with one click, get access to the most classic products and products with the Argentine flag.

The company is called Argentinean and is a global marketplace specializing in the sale and delivery of goods with an Argentine identity around the world.. The service allows you to get a large number of goods and a high variety and shipping reaches the whole world in 96 hours.

For example, there is a section for mate, where both the mate itself and various herbs and accessories are sold (such as light bulbs, dispensers and pots), one for dulce de leche (including all brands sold in the country), one for sweets (which includes Sugus and Pico dulce as well as chocolates like Marroc and Dos Corazones).

Company now launched a special promotion for the World Cup and gives a discount of up to 15% by code to all Argentines who watch the game from Australia in case the national team wins.. The idea is that expatriates can celebrate Argentina's victory with local produce.

And, in addition, they add a surprise gift for those who join the action on social networks. Participate, you have to follow the page and try to guess the result of tomorrow's game.

Source: Cronista

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