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Triumph promotion guarantees paid IPVA and free documentation for Tiger line motorcycles (Photo: Disclosure/Triumph)

Triumph has just announced special conditions for the acquisition of the Tiger line, which includes paid IPVA, free documentation and 0% financing rate through the promotion called Summer Triumph. See details and offers below.

Motorcycles can also be financed with zero rate (Photo: Disclosure / Triumph)

Triumph Tiger line has promotion with IPVA and free documentation

Between the 20th and 28th of January, the English brand promotes the “Summer Triumph”, the brand’s retail campaign with special offers and options for those who want to buy a new motorcycle. Exclusive prices and conditions are valid for Tiger Family motorcycles, such as the Tiger 900, Tiger 1200 and Tiger Sport 660 Touring models.

For the Tiger 900 family, Triumph offers benefits such as paid IPVA 2023 and free documentation. In addition, the brand claims that they will be the last units sold before the price adjustment, which will make the motorcycle more expensive.

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