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The creator of Gmail affirms that ChatGPT will end up eliminating Google in two years maximum

All technology is here to stay and it seems that ChatGPT it will not be less. Its arrival on the Internet has led to questions about the search tools that Google provides. paul buchheitthe creator of Gmail, has stated that as a result of this Artificial Intelligence (AI) Google’s business will last at most two more years.

This new tool does not work like most search engines. His way of answering, with a conversational style, makes it easy for the user to ask follow up questions. This has led some to wonder if his arrival will make Google’s core product, search engine, disappear. Just like Google did with the yellow pages.

The staging of this AI made Google executives meet to intensify their AI products and not be left behind.

Is Google going to disappear?

As Buchheit explains in his Twitter thread, this type of AI technology can eliminate the need for search engine results pages. That is, the treasure of Google. Likewise, another of the income received by the large platform is due to the rates which charges those advertisers that appear next to the search results.

With the introduction of ChatGPT, Google would be sidelined, as users crowd in search of simpler answers than the indexed pages.

What does ChatGPT think of the end of Google?

With only two months on the market it has moved on quickly. From poetry to work that last for months, with just one ‘click’, are some of the skills that it performs. Even Microsoft has offered financial support for this search tool.

To try to have a “more advanced and technological” answer, ChatGPT himself has been asked if he thinks that his appearance will end the Google search engine. Faced with this question, the program is clear: “No, ChatGPT is not designed to kill Google’s search business. ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenaAI, while Google offers a search engine that allows users to find information on the web. ChatGPT can be used to improve various applicationsincluding search engines, but is not intended to replace them.”

Despite this resounding response, it must be remembered that ChatGPT’s responses are also based on training data, so its creators have been able to train the ‘chatbot’ so that when responding it does not sound so narcissistic and confident.

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