Does insurance cover floods for Uber workers?

Does insurance cover flooding for Uber? It will depend on the service contracted. At the time of hiring, the interested party must inform that your car will be used for commercial purposes. This way, the insurance company will correctly profile the user and determine the value.

If the driver omits this information and a flood occurs while it is running on the app, the insurance company may refuse to pay the compensation.

Does insurance cover floods for those who work for Uber? Foot: Disclosure/ Suhai

Does insurance cover floods for Uber workers?

Yes, Most policies cover natural disasters, but this must be verified in the contract. However, it is important to know whether the contracted service has comprehensive (wider) coverage and define that the car is for commercial use.

This comprehensive coverage is one that includes protection against natural phenomena, such as strong winds, hail, objects falling into the car, landslides, fires and floods.

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