How much does a Fiat 147 cost in 2023? See average price

The Fiat 147, known as the “Fiat Bolinha”, is a classic model that you still see on the streets, although it was launched in Brazil in 1976. It is an icon, still desired by many people, but you Do you know how much a Fiat 147 costs in 2023?

How much does a Fiat 147 cost in 2023 – Photo: Edevaldo Pereira

How much does a Fiat 147 cost in 2023

The Bolinha was the first vehicle manufactured by Fiat in the country and has won admirers over its almost 50 years of history.

According to the FIPE Table, which is a reference for the Brazilian automobile market, The average value of the Fiat 147 is not very high, but the entity only defines values ​​for the last years of the model’s launch:


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source: Terra


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