Step by step to check traffic fines registered in your name

Every driver has the same fear: be fined. Of course, no one wants to get a fine, after all, the penalties will in addition cash value and security risks. However, when this happens, it is important to maintain proper informed and seek to regularize it as soon as possible.

To facilitate this process, today, drivers can count on a great help: the application of Digital Traffic Card. Through it, it is completely possible to monitor fines and avoid any surprises and bigger problems. See how!

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CNH Digital provides great facilities to drivers

The technology evolved significantly in recent years, and there is no denying that this is a fact. This evolution already provides citizens with access to various documents in their digital versionsallowing them to have them in the palm of their hands.

This is precisely the case of CNH Digital. The digital version of the Driver’s License is extremely useful, and in addition to allowing drivers to check pending issuesincluding fines, it still has many others features, such as:

  • CRLV also in the digital version;
  • access to vehicle data;
  • possibility of presenting the CNH Digital in blitz;
  • carry out the digital transfer ownership of the vehicle;
  • consult official communications;
  • among many others.

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