Will Chinese cars dominate the Brazilian market?

In the last years, we have seen significant growth in the share of Chinese cars in the global automotive market. In Brazil it is no different, with Chinese brands increasing their market share in a modest but encouraging way.

GWM Haval H6 is one of the most accepted Chinese cars in the country – Photo: Disclosure

Chinese cars could dominate the market

Two brands lead the Chinese presence in relation to electric cars: BYD (Buld Your Dreams) and GWM (Great Wall Motors). The first acquired the former Ford factory in Camaçari (BA), the second, the BMW factory in Iracemápolis (SP).

Both plan to start their national productions in 2024. BYD with the sales success Dolphin and Yuan Plusand GWM with the also surprising in terms of sales among hybrids Haval H6.

And there is an audience waiting for these releases, given the new taxation on imported electric cars that comes into effect in January, precisely with the justification of nationalizing production.

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source: Terra


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