They exist Traffic Laws drivers doubts preference of vehicles.

That is, many drivers are uncertain who really has the preference when crossing a crossingsuch as when there is no signage. It turns out that you need to have very attention to the standards of the CTB (Brazilian Traffic Code), not only to avoid the dreaded infractionsbut to guarantee the security necessary.

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Preference x priority: did you know there is a difference between the terms?

Well, when you pick up a dictionary and search for “preference” or “priority“, it is somewhat likely that the terms will appear as synonyms of the Portuguese language, however, when it comes to traffic, they completely differ.

To better understand, the priority has no relationship with the rules of a crossing, Like for example. This is because she must, indispensablybe followed anywhere, regardless of the road, situation or traffic.

More clearly, the priority concerns the release of passage that drivers must propose for certain vehicles, such as ambulances, firemen, cops and others. In other words, if any of these vehicles request passage,

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