Uber, taxis and other transport apps may have free trips if this PL is approved

The use of private transport services such as taxis, Uber or other apps are already a reality in Brazilian society. Therefore, many people are already planning financially to take part in this activity. Although, If this Bill is approved, some trips could be free. Understand!

PL seeks to ”combat abusive practices” in travel payments (Photo: Disclosure)

Free trips by taxi or apps

Even though it is not one of the cheapest activities for transportation, the Taxi travel and, above all, apps like Uber and 99 have become popular in recent years.

Taking this into consideration, many people have organized themselves to use these travel services frequently, which leads them to save, in some cases, a good amount of money for this.

In this context, the Bill 4126/23 authored by deputy Marcos Soares (União-RJ), is under analysis in the Chamber of Deputies to amend the Law that establishes the National Urban Mobility Policy.

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