GWM Ora 3 has a special condition to compete with the BYD Dolphin

Several special conditions for the GWM Ora 3 were announced and attracted attention. With free gifts and services on the list, the automaker aims to increase its competitiveness with BYD, which has been destroying the national market with its own actions.

The Ora 3 is charming and very efficient (Image: Disclosure/GWM)

Special conditions for the GWM Ora 3 arrive to compete with BYD

At the end of last week, the Great Wall Motors (GWM) announced special conditions for its Ora 03 model. In addition to making it more attractive, the action also aims to compete directly with the BYD Dolphin.

Thus, the automaker will give buyers at the end of this year free recharge throughout 2024. This will be available on specific networks, including Zletric, WeCharge and Raízen Power, from the Shell station network.

There are more than 1,000 charging points available throughout Brazil, making the lives of those who buy an Ora 3 much simpler.

But it doesn’t end here! This is because there is also a special gift for those who have the Haval H6 and purchase the Ora 03: a free wallbox for recharging at home.

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