This is the most affordable truck in Brazil; see reasons to buy

The cheapest truck in Brazil continues to impress even after almost a decade and a half of strong presence here. The Hyundai HR 4WD is an equally strong and practical model, which has no shortage of reasons to be the perfect choice for anyone looking for a service tool for whatever they need!

The Hyundai HR 4WD is equally compact and powerful! (Image: Disclosure/Hyundai)

Cheapest truck in Brazil: Hyundai HR 4WD has been a sales and acceptance success for over a decade

A Hyundai HR 4WD it’s not just one truck, but also a reference within the market. This is because, in addition to being the most affordable truck in its category in Brazil, led segment sales for 14 consecutive years!

With the brand of almost 100,000 units soldits popularity is a testament to the trust that drivers and companies place in this vehicle.

This way, it remains relevant and, best of all, at a fair price and providing a lot of practicality to those who own it.

Practical and versatile vehicle

  • Versatility is a hallmark of the Hyundai HR 4WD. In the end, even in places where truck traffic is restricted, it is free to circulategiving much convenience and hassle-free loading and unloading of products.

  • Furthermore, it is not necessary to have a specific license for trucks, with a category B driving license being sufficient. Furthermore, this truck has a wide technical assistance network throughout the country, guaranteeing support wherever you are.

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