Chat GPT celebrates one year with more than 4 million users in Spain and many controversies

GPT Chat is already part of our daily life. It has only been with us for 12 months, in Spain its use has tripled, and It already has more than 4 million users. For many of them, students, this tool has become essential in their academic life. It makes writing their assignments easier, and even plans routines for them to organize their exam weeks.

A help tool

It can be a great ally in our lives, but we also have to learn to live with it, without it being essential for us. In classrooms, teachers believe that it should only be a complement, but that in no case can they replace a person’s reflections.

For this reason, some teachers take other routes than paper and pen, such as oral presentations, to further enhance the student’s reflection. It has also entered companies, does accounting work, writes emails and even prepares presentations.

It has limits

The algorithm is not the one that has intelligence, but rather it is its large database, generated over many years, that gives rise to offering us an answer to the questions we ask. You have to remember that you are not collecting updated information. In fact, from Antena 3 Noticias we have done the test. We asked him about what’s going on with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. “What do you think of the internal crisis in your company?” And at the moment he has no idea about all that mess.

The GPT Chat doesn’t know it’s an anniversary either. We asked him about his birthday, and this was his response: “Thank you! Yes, today is my first birthday! Although I don’t have a party planned, I’m here to answer your questions and help you.”

Source: Antena3


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