The IDEAL SUVs for those who want to save fuel

O Jeep Compass 4xe (hybrid) is the most economical SUVaccording to the ranking of the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV).

Jeep Commander line 2023 – Disclosure

He achieved this podium thanks to his ability to run up to 26.1 km/l of gasoline. In practice, its consumption can be the same as that of a motorcycle.

Another highlight of this vehicle is its engine, which contains 1.3 turbo with 180 hp and another electric. Regarding autonomy, the battery can reach almost 927 km, 44 km, however, this indicator is only for the electric version.

In addition, the ranking also includes four more economic models, which Garage360 reveals it to you from now on.

Check it out and save on your next SUV.

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source: Terra


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