Tesla announced the price of the Cybertruck, its pickup model presented in 2019

On Thursday, the electric car manufacturer Tesla announced that the Cybertruck, an electric pickup initially presented 4 years ago but not yet on the market, would be sold from 60,990 dollars (the equivalent of approximately 56 thousand euros). This is the price of the rear-wheel drive model which, according to the company, will be marketed from 2025. A four-wheel drive model which will cost 79,990 dollars (approximately 73,000 euros) should also be available from 2024. as the most powerful and expensive model, called Cyberbeast and sold for 99,990 dollars (approximately 92 thousand euros).

The Cybertruck will be the first new model from Tesla, one of the world’s best-known electric vehicle production companies, since the release of the Model Y in 2020. It was introduced in October 2019, when CEO Elon Musk said that he would. cost 39 thousand dollars and would have been available shortly, two promises that the company could not keep. Its marketing was delayed by a series of technical difficulties, but the arrival of the Cybertruck nevertheless remains one of the most anticipated events in the world of electric cars.

With the release of a new model, Tesla hopes to emerge from a complicated period from a financial point of view, also caused by the increase in competition in the electric car sector, in which it had been a pioneer in previous years . The Cybertruck was supposed to be the first mass-produced electric pickup truck, but due to production difficulties and delays, other competing companies have already put their models on sale.

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