Real-life BBB: PL foresees the mandatory use of video surveillance in application cars; see how it will work

The safety of both drivers and passengers in app cars is something that is debated all the time, especially among government representatives.

Taking this into account, as well as the high number of crimes and the like involving this type of service, a new PL provides for the mandatory use of surveillance in app cars.

In other words, if actually approved, the PL brings a “Real life BBB” for the routine of these workers. Understand!

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PL predicts “real-life BBB” for app cars

Transport via app is, day after day, increasingly common and popular in different parts of the world, and here, there is still a great concern about security.

In fact, this concern concerns both the safety of the driver and passengers, given that, despite the measures proposed by the platforms themselves, there are still several records of criminal actions involving this type of transport.

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