The 5 SUVs you should AVOID when it comes to fuel economy

Everyone knows that the SUVs are responsible for attracting the interest of many people, however, here’s a surprise: there are some that are better to ignore if the topic is fuel economy.

That is, some SUVs drink a lot, and, although they are still a good option in other topics, they may not be as interesting for those who want to spend little when it comes to fueling up.

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Cars to avoid if your goal is fuel economy

O Inmetro recently published the new edition of PBEVO Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program. This document is responsible for approve consumption figuresas well as the energy efficiency of different cars.

To reach the final result, the program brings data in two ways: in megajoules per km (MJ/KM) is at KM/L. Like this, the lower the registered value, the greater the car’s efficiency.

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