Detran reveals data that puts an end to a myth rooted in Brazilian traffic

Traffic during Carnival becomes more complicated. After all, there are more people on the roads, blocked streets and also a higher consumption of alcohol and other substances.

Now, data from Detran-SP shows that during this period the tendency is for accidents to involve more men, contrary to what many people think.

The Carnival campaign is a great time to raise awareness about traffic safety for people (Image: Disclosure/Detran)

Data on traffic during Carnival shows that women cause fewer accidents

One of the most anticipated periods of the year in Brazil, the Carnival It is marked by parties, revelry and, unfortunately, a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents.

In order to raise awareness among drivers and promote safety, every year Detran-SP promotes an intense campaign for the period.

Furthermore, with her, in 2024 the body brought very relevant datawhich demystify some ideas rooted in common sense.

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source: Terra


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