DTT blackout: When is it, who does it affect and how can I retune the DTT channels?

The channels of the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) will stop broadcasting their standard quality SD signal starting this week to broadcast only in high definition (HD). Television will suffer a kind of ‘blackout‘However, we tell you how to retune your tv to be able to see it completely normally.

Television is one of the most consumed media in the world, in fact, a UTECA barometer reflected that it is the preferred medium for truthfulness, credibility and trust. There is almost no person who does not have a television in their home and therefore, now it is important that you know that you may lose your television signal this Wednesday. We tell you why and how you can avoid it, although the vast majority of television stations in the country will not have any problem in facing this blackout.

High definition arrives

The cause of this DTT blackout is none other than the entrance to a new era: the era of HD or high definition. He Ministry for Digital Transformation He explained that this serves to finish “modernizing the television experience thanks to higher image and sound quality.” What will happen is that Channels that were not in HD will no longer work. The channels known as SD will disappear.

This event will give way to a much more positive television experience: with more image quality and surround sound.

The Ministry has reported that this will happen from February 14, 2024. From that day on, all channels that broadcast in HD will be able to be seen, since those of lower quality will disappear. In fact, the channels have already been turning off their SD broadcasts in recent days.

How to avoid blackout

UTECA (Association of commercial television stations) reports that, according to estimates by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, 98% of “the national television fleet” are compatible with high definition. Therefore, this allows you to continue watching the televisions without any problem. That remaining 2% It is the one who has to find a solution to be able to continue consuming the audiovisual broadcasts without problems. The solutions are: either buy a new television with built-in HD, or a decoder or tuner with high definition capability.

You have to check if the televisions you have at home are HD. The only way to find out is by trying to put a channel in HD, if it can be viewed, it is compatible, if not, a solution will have to be found to be able to continue watching television without problems.

If you can see the channels, ideally they should be rearranged and you may even have to retune.

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