Whatsapp: what is the secret feature to prevent your partner from checking your mobile phone

Users whatsapp They use different options to protect their mobile phones from possible intruders and hackers. However, in many cases, your data can be compromised by exchanging passwords or lock patterns with your partners or family members. For this reason I know secret function whatsapp to protect your conversations and prevent your partner from viewing your chats.

instant messaging app It expands its features more and more to provide users with a better experience. However, in many cases, these techniques and functionality are unknown to those who use this medium for daily communication.

Interpersonal relations experts say that one of the main factors of attitude to work is trust. But in many cases, certain precautions must be taken to avoid possible conflicts.

There are several external applications that, when downloaded, protect and encrypt other applications that you want to add more protection to. This is the case app lock or Ultra App Lock. However, to protect your whatsapp do not resort to alternative methods, as there are their own.


To add extra protection to your mobile phone and make sure no one checks the conversations you don’t want to share, you just need to change the security settings in the app whatsapp.

  1. Login to the app whatsapp and tap the three dots that appear at the top of the screen to see all the options.

  2. Select the settings option and go to “bill“.

  3. Join the “Confidentiality” and slide the screen to “fingerprint lock“.

  4. Finally, confirm the fingerprint lock with your finger.

It should be kept in mind that those who do not have fingerprint protection settings on their mobile phones will have to do so in order to take advantage of this and take care of the chats of possible curious people.

After doing this setup on your smartphone, you will have to unlock it with your fingerprint every time you want to enter the app and send or check your messages.

It has been reported from official messaging service media that this type of lock is only available on devices with fingerprint sensors running Android 6.0+ and compatible with Google APIs.


For those who want to be aware of all the options and updates that the application has whatsapp they must register in the community of beta testers.

For Android users, you only need to log in from the Internet to Google games input option “Become a Tester”but for those who use iOS you will need to install the application test flightaccept the terms of use and start with the trial version.

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