Laura Prieto gave details of her condition after undergoing surgery

The former reality girl revealed a few days ago that she will enter the operating room for a health issue, revealing the result of the procedure.

Former reality girl Laura Prieto surprised her followers after revealing the result of the intervention she recently underwent.

A few days ago the Me Late panelist revealed on his Instagram account that this weekend he will undergo surgery for health, taking advantage of his entry into the operating room for some small cosmetic touch-ups.

“I am going to undergo an operation that I need to do for my health and also some changes that I want to make personally… I had breast prostheses put in many years ago and they are encapsulated seriously, they are not very good. I also removed a lipoma, which is a fatty tumor, it is not malignant but it is very attached to the bone,” he revealed at the time, alerting his followers.

“I will take these days to disconnect to recover. It all has to do with changes coming from the inside out. With so many habits, emotional attitudes, every day, that I want to change and improve,” he added, receiving messages of support for his important decision.

The result

After reporting the event, the Uruguayan influencer updated his health status on his Instagram stories, showing that he had positive results

“Everything went well. Thank you all for your messages and good vibes,” he said on the social network, thanking his followers for their love.

See the message below:

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