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Denise Rosenthal: Who’s behind the look that stole the show at the MUSA Awards

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Dressed in a pearl necklace and a midriff-baring blazer, the ‘Pop Artist of the Year’ winner dazzled with her uniquely edgy style at last night’s ceremony. This is the story of the people who went into creating her acclaimed outfit.

On the night of this Sunday, the Municipal Theater of Las Condes hosted the MUSA Awards 2022 ceremony, an example in which national talents stand out through categories such as “Song of the Year” and “Album of the year”, as well as abroad with others such as “International Latino Artist” and “International Anglo Artist”.

Although among the winners of the competition there were singers like Polimá WestCoast, Pailita, Young Cister and Standly, the name that stood out the most in this new edition was that of Denise Rosenthal the only woman to have won an award from the list of nominees.

The singer-songwriter of songs such as “Todas seremos reinas” and “Cambio de piel” received the “Pop Artist of the Year” statuette, in a space in which she promised the publication of a new title and in which she stressed the importance of “continuing to build more equitable spaces, with equal opportunities”.

But eyes on Rosenthal didn’t just focus on her as she ascended to receive the award, but rather began as soon as she arrived at the scene.

Denise Rosenthal at the 2022 MUSA Awards. Pictured: Esteban Vargas.

numerous Social media users hailed looks with which the singer appeared: a black blazer that exposed her torso and pearl accessories that decorated her body.

in conversation with The third those responsible for producing her image have revealed the process they went through with the singer-songwriter, in order to achieve the style she wore at the MUSA Awards.

Team work

The artist Raúl Flores has been working in the world of make-up for 13 years and among the faces he has decorated are several from the national show. For yesterday’s ceremony alone, she composed Vesta Lugg, Soulfía and Rosenthal, a name she usually shares style credentials with.

According to her account, “Denise usually has an internal creative process, in which she decides what to wear (…) there are times when everything fits and other times when things change at the last minute”.

In yesterday’s case, it was a mixture of both situations.

“We had the idea of ​​doing makeup with a lot more lines on the face, but when I saw the eyebrows, I thought that had to be the main thing,” explains Flores.

The accessories Rosenthal used yesterday were designed by Mane Celedón, Buka Kiki and Ara Jwls, while her nails were in charge of Valeria Berríos.

The preparation of Denise Rosenthal. Photo: Esteban Vargas.

To make each of these factors stand out in her outfit, the makeup artist focused on achieving “shorter eyeliner and those flowing lines around the eyes. The well-sculpted face, so that it continues to look beautiful as always.

“Everything was inspired by the looks clothes,” Flores added, “she’s always leading the show.”

Behind the cameras

The whole preparation process took about two hours, a period during which the equipment was running simultaneously.

According to stylist Javier Sáez, who has worked with Rosenthal since 2019, they usually last three hours, while there are days when they have invested a whole morning early, depending on whether there are instances of dancing or singing on stage.

On this occasion, they worked at full speed to consolidate this image in the artist.

“We took very little time,” says Sáez proudly.

Denise Rosenthal behind the scenes. Photo: Esteban Vargas.

Despite the fact that he usually uses products that stand out in aspects such as rigidity and durability, so that the hairstyle lasts for many hours and is maintained when Rosenthal dances, this time it was not the priority, so they opted for a new bet.

“We wanted ‘ribbons’ to be seen in the hair, which was made of her own hair…we made a looks rigid, but without this fear of disarming”.

The concept behind the look

The photographer in charge of the visuality with which Denise Rosenthal presents herself publicly, Esteban Vargas, points out that it is she who is constantly “at the head of the creative team”, so that they can generate an image with the team .

“We wanted to come up with a renewed proposal that was not directly linked to what had already been done, but rather a decision that was more contrasted with what had been done last year,” he says.

Based on this idea, they opted for a black Charlie & H suit, described by Vargas as “very classic” and “masculine”.

“We sought to contrast it with more feminine ideas and dress the rest of the body with Mane Celedón y Ara jewelry,” he explains, later adding that this resulted in a presence that “has many references sculptural, which reveals the torso and is accompanied by numerous accessories that allude to pearl and brilliance”.

Denise Rosenthal at the 2022 MUSA Awards. Pictured: Esteban Vargas.

“This is how a play of contrasts is generated between the ideas of the masculine and the feminine (…) a meeting of contrasts and concepts brought to lookswith this hair finish that had very strict waves,” he adds.

A nod to the future

One of the keys Rosenthal and his team considered when thinking about his MUSA outfit was moving on to the next album he released, which Vargas says will result in a new moment in his career.

“As Rosalía says, it often happens that people understand something about you and file you into an idea and expect that. It’s interesting when an artist comes along and makes a proposal that wouldn’t be presumed,” she said, only to later say that “not everyone would expect Denise to hit the carpet in a classic black suit. From there that style picked up a bit.”

Source: Latercera

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