I would have called: expert reports reject the version of a psychiatrist accused of femicide in Arica

Ricardo Yévenes will remain in pretrial detention because he is considered a risk to social security.

This Saturday, Ricardo Yévenes Ramírez, a former SML Arica psychiatrist accused of the crime of femicide by his partner Fabiola Vargas, a beloved midwife at the local hospital, was formally committed.

Prosecutor Manuel González, from the Violent Crimes Unit of the local prosecutor’s office, presented background information gathered during the investigation, showing the subject’s participation in the attack suffered by the 35-year-old victim.

It should be noted that investigative procedures were conducted by personnel from the Homicide Brigade and the PDI Crime Laboratory.

As indicated by the prosecutor, police work established that, in the days before the early morning of December 20, 2022, the accused, on different occasions, continued to attack his companion in different parts of his body, causing multiple contusions. in the head, thorax, upper and lower extremities, which at the time of examination are at different levels of temporal evolution.

Also, it was found that in the early morning of December 20, on occasions where the victim and the defendant were inside the home where they lived, Yévenes Ramírez continued to attack the victim, by a blow with a strong element, perhaps. a punch, to the left side of the eye of the victim’s face, causing serious head injuries.

As a result of this brutal attack, the woman was brought unconscious by the maid the next morning to the local hospital, where it was pointed out that the victim’s injuries were due to an accident, specifically a fall on bathroom at home. This version was delivered by the defendant himself to a colleague of Vargas, whom he called on the phone when Fabiola was transferred to the hospital.

However, various expert reports and analysis of his injuries proved that they were caused by the actions of third parties, so the prosecutor’s office started an ex officio investigation, which instructing the Homicide Brigade to proceed.

As a result of the serious injuries, the victim suffered multi-organ failure, which caused his death, inside the regional hospital, on December 21, 2022.

At the behest of the prosecution, the autopsy was performed by two expert doctors from the Legal Medical Service of Iquique, based on international protocols for crimes of femicide.


During the hearing, various statements were presented from family members and those close to the victim, which indicated various episodes of violence and physical assault against the victim, among other backgrounds. that information.

After presenting various antecedents, the prosecution requested the preventive detention of the accused, which was accepted by the Guarantee Court, which set an investigation period of 150 days.

Source: Lacuarta


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