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The incredible and terrifying images of a lighthouse photographer

Photographer Mathieu Rivrin has dedicated himself to depicting the huge lighthouses located throughout French Brittany. Some of them are located offshore and receive violent onslaught from the waves. Here, review some of his best works.

Some marine jargon has categorized lighthouses into three distinct stages. First, the “paradise”, which would become the headlights placed on the ground. Next, “purgatory”, to allude to the stone giants built on the islands. And finally “hell”, which would come to be the lighthouses located in the sea.

Shaken by the onslaught of the waves and with workers subjected to harsh working conditions, the lighthouses of “hell” are the raw material for much of the work of the Mathieu Rivin a French photographer passionate about the landscapes and lighthouses of French Brittany.

Accompanied by a drone and his lens, the photographer traveled the rugged French coasts to unearth the most incredible and terrifying images of lighthouses hit by storms and violent waves.

Many of them were built offshore, such as La Vieille, the Pierres Noires or the Canal del Four lighthouse, and with structures dating back more than a century.

Here, some of his work behind the lens.

A lighthouse photographer

Source: Latercera


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