Impact on the show: actress Cansu Dere goes missing amid earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Consu Dere

So far nothing is known about the queen of Turkish soap operas and her whereabouts are uncertain.

The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday left thousands of people dead and missing, including actress Consu Dere.

The famous 42-year-old interpreter is considered a star in the world of popular Turkish soap operas, and has millions of followers on Instagram.

The star of soap operas like They, Infidel and Ezel; and has also participated in films and series for platforms such as Netflix and HBO Max has given no signs of life since the deadly earthquake.

It should be noted that the incident occurred in the early morning hours of February 6, and that Consu lived near the epicenter of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, one of the largest and most destructive on record.

The concern for Dere increased because as a public figure he did not publish anything about the disaster on his social networks, something that his colleagues and entertainment figures did.

Source: Lacuarta


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