Young man reveals common things in Chile that are ‘strange’ to Americans

On TikTok, a Chilean named María Belén listed common situations in our country that surprised Americans.

Recently, several Chilean men and women have found space on social media, such as Instagram and TikTok, to open up about the experiences they had migrating to other countries.

Today, a young woman who lives in UNITED STATES went viral on the Chinese platform, after explaining what situations are common in Chili and which ones are considered strange by Americans.

Things common in Chile and rare in the United States, according to a Chilean

“I want to tell you a little bit about Chilean culture and how crazy it is for some people, but for us it’s super normal” , He started by telling in his video the young woman named María Belén.

To start, the content creator mentioned the tremors that frequently occur in our country and how people react to them. “For a Chilean, an earthquake is normal. “We can have a coffee or whatever and continue to do everything, while there is a very strong earthquake” he explained.

María Belén added that when she told her American friends about this situation, they were surprised and asked her the following question: “And isn’t your house collapsing?

“My country is seismic, we have experienced earthquakes before, so we are bulletproof” replied the young woman.

María Belén in her TikTok video.

Second, the TikToker said that when Americans finish college, they usually leave the family home and don’t return for any reason. “When my American friends finished high school, which would be high school in Chile, they left home and never came back” he explained.

“They came back for the holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving… but they never live with their parents again. It’s very rare to see that here in the United States,” he added.

He then mentioned that this practice is perhaps observed more among Latinos residing in the United States, “but it’s not that normal” .

The third aspect considered “strange” by North Americans concerns grades or grades. And while in Chile these go from 7 to 1, In the United States they are measured from A to F .

In another video María Belén shared that another peculiarity of our country that is seen in a strange way is the Slippers . “Ours brings onions and they hated it with all their being. . They didn’t like that there were eggs, olives and raisins. They said that It was too much in a pie “, declared the tiktoker.

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