What do Chinese floating trains promise to be faster than planes?

China Railway not only expects travel to be faster, but also environmentally friendly, energy-saving and cost-saving.

Recently, Chinese railway successfully completed the first tests of its new the trains High speed which, they hope, can reach a higher level than that of airplanes.

At the last instance, one of them reached 281 mph (452 ​​km/h), a figure lower than the highest recorded speed of 357 mph (574 km/h), set by the French V150 in 2007. according to information retrieved by The sun .

Although Asian engineers have not yet surpassed this record, their first tests open up the possibility of achieving it in the future. following.

Once the phases of your initiative are complete, They expect their trains to reach 999 km/h. .

This number would exceed the average speed of a commercial flight, which is approximately 550 mph (885 km/h) .

Similarly, the promoters of China Railway stated that This speed of 450 km/h is already higher than that usually reached during an air trip between Beijing and Shanghai. or approximately 248 mph (399 km/h).

What are the Chinese floating trains that promise to be faster than planes. Photo: reference / Chinese Railway.

China: what are the floating trains that promise to be faster than planes?

From the state company they assured that The goal of their proposal is not only to make them faster, but also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. .

They believe that if it comes to fruition, could reduce polluting emissions, travel times and costs associates.

The last China Railway trains They work by magnetic levitation (also known as “maglev”), so they have no friction with the rails as they float in the air. .

As was explained to the aforementioned media, in broad terms, This is possible through the use of superconducting magnets. to strengthen the magnetic field.

In this way, the latter They interact with the metal on the sides of the tubes to levitate the train and propel it. forward.

Currently, There is already one such train running in the Asian country, which runs from Shanghai Airport to the center from the city.

SO, allows travelers to complete this journey of approximately 30 kilometers in just seven minutes .

NOW, Their plans envision expanding this technology to high capacity in all the countries.

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