Travis Kelce reveals never-before-seen details about his relationship with Taylor Swift

In a lengthy interview with the Wall Street Journal, the professional American football player revealed that Swift’s close environment influenced how they met. “I had someone play Cupid,” he said.

One of novels of the moment is that of Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce . The pop star and the Kansas City Chiefs player were first seen together in September, and since then they’ve been making the most of the downtime from Swift’s busy schedule.

The athlete even accompanied the interpreter of Shake during his recent visit to Argentina, due to his tour The tour of eras.

During one of the recitals at the River Plate Stadium, she changed the lyrics of her song Karma to make a direct reference to Kelce: “Karma is the guy from the Chiefs, who comes straight to me. »

One of the aspects that has fans curious is how the couple managed to meet. The known story is that Kelce had been trying to get closer to Swift for some time, and in July, after a concert she performed at Arrowhead Stadium, he tried to give her one of the famous friendship bracelets with his phone number.

The singer had to take care of her voice before and after the concerts, the American footballer was not able to give her the bracelet in person.

Now, it’s Kelce himself who has come out to clarify how his relationship with Swift began. In an in-depth and candid interview with the media The Wall Street Journal the athlete spoke about what it was like to be with the artist of the moment and how he was able to meet her.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been seen together since September this year.

What Travis Kelce Said About His History With Taylor Swift

Although the situation at the Arrowhead concert happened, during the interview Kelce provided a previously unknown detail: someone from Swift’s entourage “intervened” so the two could connect .

“There were definitely people she knew who knew who I was. Someone next to him said, “Hey! Did you know he was coming? I had someone who played Cupid. supported the athlete.

He didn’t think about what effect this person’s help would have. He even looked at his cell phone and saw a text message from the artist. “She (Cupid) told me exactly what was going on and how lucky I was to bring her closer,” he said.

The professional gamer chose not to delve too much into the first date he had with the pop star, which took place in New York. However, he clarified that they had already been talking for a while and that those around him were deeply nervous at the idea of ​​this meeting. “Everyone around me was telling me: don’t screw this up! And I told them: ‘Yes, I understand'” .

Throughout the dialogue with WSJKelce did not hesitate to praise his girlfriend at all times and highlight many of her qualities. “I have never been a man of words. Being around her and seeing how smart Taylor is has been amazing. “I learn every day” he assured.

Of course, dealing with a wave of media attention hasn’t been easy, especially since he lives in a quiet neighborhood where nothing was happening. Now there are always people waiting with cameras.

“Obviously, I’ve never dated anyone with that kind of aura…. I’ve never faced that,” Kelce admits, later adding that he won’t escape this situation.

“The scrutiny she goes through, the way she has a magnifying glass on her, every day, the paparazzi outside her house, outside every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off, and she lives, enjoys life. “When she acts like that, I better not be the one who acts weird,” he added.

For Kelce, it’s even meaningful that he and Swift share an outlook on life, especially when it comes to surrounding yourself with loved ones. “Your team is your family. Her family does a lot of things in terms of touring and marketing and attendance, so I think she has a lot of those values ​​as well, which I like,” he says.

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