The story behind My First Job, the viral TikTok created by artificial intelligence

The videos of the moment on TikTok are those of workplace accidents. Accompanied by a funny audio that Eladio Carrión “sings,” “Mi Primera Chamba” made millions of users laugh.

Maybe at this point you’re a little tired of listening. “My first job” with a deep, semi-robotic voice. And the audio was taken Tic Tac and other social networks, and captured a community that loves to laugh at embarrassing situations or accidents that happen to people at work.

For those who don’t know, “work “is the word used in Mexico to designate the job . This would be the equivalent of “job ”, which is used in Chile.

However, in audio, the person who “sings” is Eladio Carrion , a Puerto Rican rapper who probably doesn’t use this word in his usual vocabulary. Although this may appear to be the case, it is actually a Artificial intelligence (AI) who appropriated his voice and edited it to make it look like he’s the one performing the song.

This is the story that explains where it comes from “My first job.”

Eladio Carrión, Puerto Rican rapper and the voice who modified AI to create “My First Job”.

The origin of sound “My first job”

“My first job, I remember the day I fell in love with the job” . This is how the popular TikTok audio begins, used in the background to show workplace accidents and which has made millions of people laugh.

However, the original song by Eladio Carrión says: “My first pesos, I remember the day I fell in love with money.”

Thanks to an AI application, a TikTok user named Ignacio Molina ( @bluegrave_ ), managed to convert Carrión’s song —which he performs with Myke Towers— in the viral audio that continues to circulate on TikTok after more than a month.

Its popularity was such that The song reached the ears of Eladio Carrión himself, who did not hesitate to take the “collaboration” with laughter and even performed it in some of his live concerts. .

Artificial intelligence that creates songs with the voices of real singers

The online community is not left out with new technologies: this has been demonstrated by different users of TikTok, where they occupy AI applications have enabled their favorite artists to sing classic songs and even lyrics they wrote themselves.

But Not everyone takes it with humor. For example, Bad bunny He got angry at his fans over an AI song which he never wrote or performed, but which many seemed to enjoy.

Due to his displeasure, netizens counterattacked and started making viral audios of the Puerto Rican singing children’s songs and even Christmas songs, like My sabanero burrito.

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