Sam Altman and the allegations of sexual abuse against his younger sister: the drama that coincided with his “exit” from OpenAI

A series of posts under the name Annie Altman shared the accusations. Likewise, his sister opened up about her relationship with him in a recent interview.

The news of his departure came suddenly .

It was last Friday, November 17, when OpenAI the company of artificial intelligence (AI) which has programs like ChatGPT and DALL-E, announced that its then CEO, Sam Altman I would leave my position inside the company.

As explained in a statement from their Blog , The decision was made “following a deliberative review process by the board, which concluded that it had not always been candid in its communications with the board.” hindering their ability to carry out their responsibilities.

The same day announced that Mira Murati, who was previously director of technology of the company, would suppose as interim executive director .

However, It was later confirmed that former Twitch CEO Emmet Shear would be selected. to take over OpenAI.

Altman’s recent expulsion This happened after he became the visible face of the company. .

This 38-year-old man, thin, with a pale complexion, light eyes and a calm appearance has positioned itself as one of the key names on the circuit Silicon Valley .

Your level of influence and His abilities to work in the field of AI earned him to be signed by a giant like Microsoft to “lead a new advanced research team on artificial intelligence”.

Furthermore, This Monday, nearly 500 OpenAI employees submitted a letter stating that they would resign if the board of directors did not resign and Altman was reinstated as CEO. with co-founder and former president Greg Brockman.

“We could choose to resign from OpenAI and join the newly announced Microsoft subsidiary led by Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. Microsoft assured us that there would be positions for all OpenAI employees in this new subsidiary if we decided to join. “, they wrote in the document.

Until now, Beyond what was mentioned in official statements, no details were clarified behind the scenes on the reasons for this sudden departure. of the businessman.

But Finally, this Wednesday they announced that Altman would return to OpenAI as an advisor amid tensions triggered by changes in company decisions.

His return leads to a restructuring of the board which will include other well-known names in the industry, such as Bret Taylor (former co-CEO of Salesforce) and economist Larry Summers (former US Treasury Secretary), who will join current director Adam D’Angelo.

However, The firing of ChatGPT’s CEO five days ago coincided with a series of alleged sexual abuse allegations in the social networks .

Such accusations They come from a profile of .

She opened up about her relationship with him in a recent interview with an American media.

Sam Altman and the allegations of sexual abuse against his younger sister: the drama that coincided with his “exit” from OpenAI. Photo: Sam Altman.

Sexual abuse allegations against Sam Altman

He is the eldest of four brothers who grew up in a middle-class Jewish family. in St. Louis.

First There’s him, then comes Max and then Jack .

The three boys are two years apart from each other, while His only sister, Annie, is nine years younger than Sam. .

Concerning X’s publications, the first date back to November 2021, when the platform was still called Twitter before it was bought by tech billionaire Elon Musk.

In one of the November 13 from that year, the profile identified as that of Annie Altman reads: “I was a victim of sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial and technological abuse at the hands of my biological siblings, primarily by Sam Altman and some by Jack Altman.” .

“I am convinced that others were also mistreated by these attackers. I am looking for people who will join me in seeking legal justice, the safety of others in the future, and group healing. . Please message me with any information, you can remain anonymous to feel safe,” he added.

Another dated September 10 from 2022 He alluded to the religion they were raised with to reference the alleged abuse .

“Sam and Jack, I know you remember that my part of the Torah it was about Moses forgiving his brothers: “Forgive them, father, for they do not know what they have done” . Sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial and technological abuse. Never forget “, he insisted.

In some messages from the account, some users questioned his accusations .

One of these comments referred to a detailed profile of Sam Altman published in September 2023 in New York magazine .

This article was written by journalist Elizabeth Weil and It contains statements from him, his family, his colleagues and also Annie Altman. .

According to information collected by the aforementioned media, Sam offered to buy his sister a house at one point, a proposal she rejected. .

When someone mentioned this, the account responded October 5 What “the offer was to connect the house to a lawyer, and the last time I had a connection between Sam and a lawyer, I couldn’t see my father’s will for a year” .

One day before this response, the October 4 the journalist from the media specializing in technology Wired, Virginia Heffernan wrote on his X account: “Annie Altman was left out of the story of Shiva, the Destroyer, told by her brother Sam. She is a charming, funny, good person. Many of us are Annie Altman in someone else’s ego disaster project. .

With your comment, tagged the profile @phuckfilosophy the same one who presents herself as Annie on the platform and whose complaints of alleged abuse have been shared .

Of the four brothers who make up the family, The only ones to have appeared with Sam in public appearances are Max and Jack, while the youngest of the Altman clan has remained rather in the shadows. far from media coverage and interactions with them on the networks.

The New York magazine article, which covers everything from success to lesser-known aspects of a businessman’s life, devotes a subtitle almost entirely to Annie .

It is detailed there that For the past three years, she’s been a sex worker — in her words, “both in person and virtually” — selling pornographic content on OnlyFans, writing about self-help on Instagram, and owning a podcast titled All humans are human among other projects.

Sam Altman and the alleged sexual abuse allegations against his younger sister: the drama that coincided with his ‘exit’ from OpenAI. Photo: Jack Altman/Sam Altman/Max Altman.

Like his older brother, She also left college early. Not to pursue the American dream of every Silicon Valley entrepreneur, but rather because he was facing a depressive state. and he thought that the best thing would be to devote himself to artistic creation.

According to his story, At age 5, he started waking up in the middle of the night because he needed to take a bath to calm his anxiety, while at age 6, he was thinking about making an attempt on his life. .

He also said that When his father Jerry Altman died in 2018, Sam offered to help him financially for a while, but then stopped doing so. .

In some emails and text messages that the aforementioned media outlets were able to view, they stated that We see that the eldest of her brothers was worried about her and tried to convince her to take an antidepressant again which she had stopped under the supervision of a psychiatrist. because he didn’t like how it made him feel.

For years, he considered Sam his favorite brother. so he couldn’t help but wonder, “Why don’t these people help me when I could do it at no cost to them?”

He assured that in the last year alone he changed his residence more than 20 times, while his economic situation is unstable. According to her, her brothers and her mother refuse her access to the inheritance left by her father. .

In conversation with New York magazine, Annie also said that when she was a child, Sam would read her stories before going to bed. moments in which she felt loved and special.

However, He stressed that today he interprets these memories as situations of abuse .

“I am no longer four years old and a 13 year old ‘brother’ comes into my bed without his consent (You are invited to help you discover your sexuality). Eventually, “I have accepted that you have always had me and that you will always scare me more than I fear you.” we read in a publication of the aforementioned account March 14 of 2023.

And in another of October 5 of this year, An internet user asked him what he meant by “technological abuse” which he had mentioned in November 2021, to which he replied that it was by “ shadow ban on all platforms except OnlyFans and Pornhub » .

“Also I spent 6 months hacking almost all my accounts and wifi when I started the podcast for the first time,” he added.

In the interview with the aforementioned media outlets, the accusations of alleged abuse were not delved into. that he would have suffered.

This article was published on September 25. Nearly two months later, the world learned of the unexpected departure from the leader of OpenAI.

Skeptics suggest tech mogul’s sudden ouster could be linked to recent statements of his younger sister.

However, He has not commented on what she said in this interview nor on X’s messages against her. .

Sam Altman and the alleged sexual abuse allegations against his younger sister: the drama that coincided with his ‘exit’ from OpenAI. Photo: Sam Altman.

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