Bill Gates shared his 3 favorite books of 2023: these are his recommendations

The Microsoft co-founder commented on each of the titles, which range from cell biology to environment and innovation. Check them out here.

If you’re looking for new titles to read before the end of the year and you don’t know where to turn, This list promises to be useful to you. Above all, if you trust the recommendations of Bill Gates .

The philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft shared a list of the three books he enjoyed the most in 2023 .

“They came to mind immediately, each one is deeply informative and well written” he declared on his personal blog, Notes on doors .

Check below which ones they were the works selected by the music magnate technology .

Bill Gates
Bill Gates shared his 3 favorite books of 2023: these are his recommendations. Photo: Bill Gates.

According to a magazine review time this book It begins with the discovery of cells in the late 17th century, continuing the evolution of human understanding of cell biology. .

Likewise, author, oncologist, and 2011 Pulitzer winner looks at the current state of cell therapy to treat life-threatening diagnoses like leukemia.

“We will all get sick at some point. We will all have loved ones who get sick. To understand what’s happening in these moments (and to have optimism that things will get better), it helps to know something about cells, the building blocks of life. . “Mukherjee’s latest book will provide you with this knowledge,” Gates said.

The title, translated verbatim into Spanish, means: “It’s not the end of the world, how can we be the first generation to build a sustainable planet” .

In the words of the co-founder of Microsoft, “Hannah Ritchie believed (like many environmental activists) that she was “living through humanity’s most tragic time.” .

“But when he started analyzing the data, He realized that wasn’t the case. Things are bad, and they are worse than in the distant past, but they are improving in almost every aspect. . Ritchie is now a senior researcher at Our World in Data, and in Not the end of the world uses data to tell a counterintuitive story that contradicts doomsday scenarios on climate and other environmental issues, without neglecting the challenges “.

Although Gates has already read this book, Its publication is scheduled for January 2024. .

“Invention and innovation: brief history of successes and failures” . This is how the title of this work is translated verbatim into Spanish.

In the, The author questions whether the current era is truly the most innovative in human history. as some specialists have proposed.

“Actually, writes that the current era shows “unmistakable signs of technical stagnation and slowing progress” » Gates saved.

Although the philanthropist said he did not agree with what Smil was proposing, he suggested that “Even if we don’t see the future in the same way, there is no one better than him to explain the past. »

At the same time, he declared that he was a great admirer of her work, to the point read his 44 books .

“If you want to know how human ingenuity got us to this moment, I highly recommend Inventions and innovations » said the tycoon on his personal blog.

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