Nitro: who is the Chilean MC who will participate in the final of the international battle

On December 2, the 29-year-old rapper will represent our country at the largest Spanish-speaking freestyle event.

There are only a few days left before the next edition of the International Final of Red Bull Battle the annual competition which brings together the best representatives of freestyle Hispanic.

The event will take place on December 2 in Bogotá, Colombia, where 16 representatives from different countries will try to be crowned international champions of improvised rap. Currently, the one who holds the title is the Mexican Aczino.

The MC who will represent our country in the famous freestyle competition is Nitro . After beating his opponent Pepe Grillo in the national final, Nitro was proclaimed Chilean champion of this discipline.

Nitro, the Chilean who will participate in the final of the international battle

Nitro, whose real name is Cristián Espino Miles, is 29 years old and is from San Ramón, metropolitan area.

The Chilean’s first forays into the freestyle genre began ten years ago. Although at the beginning he participated in competitions, 2014 was the key year, because that is where he made his debut in the Red Bull Batalla.

In this case, Nitro had already anticipated what was to come: they reached the semi-final against Radamanthys. On the other hand, the same year, he released The lost citythe first album of his career.

Nitro started freestyling ten years ago.

Then the capital’s freestyler continued to participate in new tournaments, managing to face Tom Crowley in the semifinals of the Red Bull Batalla in 2015. A year later, he reached the final of the competition, defeating DrefQuila, then lost to Drose.

Over the next few years, he continued to strengthen his skills in improvised rapping and gain experience facing new opponents, in instances such as Double AA, DEM Battles, Ghetto Dreams League, LPF and FMS International.

Some of the milestones in his career were first place in God Level 2018, after Trilogy – made up of Kaiser, Teorema and Nitro – beat Team Venezuela. In 2019, his team took second place in the same event.

After seven years of absence from the legendary Red Bull Batalla, Nitro returned to the tournament scenes with everything, determined to be crowned the best freestyler. On October 1, the rapper had a breathtaking encounter with Pepe Grillo, his opponent and two-time champion of the contest, at the Ñuñoa Sports Center.

Accomplishing what was set out, Nitro defeated his opponent and won the national title, securing his participation in the international tournament in Colombia.

Who are the qualifiers for the 2023 Red Bull Battlela International Final

1. Aczino (Mexico) – Current International Champion

2. Gazir (Spain) – 2022 international vice-champion

3. Mecha (Argentina) – Third place international 2022

4. Diego (Ecuador) – Ecuador Champion 2022

5. Exodus Lirical (Dominican Republic) – Central American Champion 2022

6. Oner (Venezuela) – 2022 United States Champion

7. Carpediem (Colombia) – National Champion Colombia 2023

8. Chuty (Spain) – National Champion Spain 2023

9. Yoiker (Mexico) – Mexico National Champion 2023

10. Spektro (Uruguay) – 2023 Dark Prison Champion

11. Jota (Peru) – National Champion Peru 2023

12. Nitro (Chile) – National Champion Chile 2023

13. Abel (Ecuador) – 2023 Carolina Style Champion

14. Jesse Pungaz (Argentina) – 2023 Argentine National Champion

15. SNK (Costa Rica) – 2023 Central American Champion

16. Reverse (Cuba) – United States Champion

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