5 political positions in which Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro are similar

The disruptive ways in which the three leaders presented themselves during their respective presidential campaigns have many points in common: they presented themselves as figures challenging the established order, anti-elite and “saviors” of decadence.

“Hope shines again in South America” wrote the former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro after the victory of the libertarians Javier Milei in the Argentine presidential elections. In parallel, Donald Trump former President of the United States, joined in the congratulations and did not hesitate to repeat his popular campaign slogan: “Make Argentina great again” (Restore greatness to Argentina).

On different occasions, Milei He shared his admiration for both leaders. But the relationship between the three goes further: for several years, they have been the subject of different analysts who compare their political positions of “anti-political right” or “extreme right”.

And although, In practice, they can have significant differences; their way of gaining access to government was similar. In their campaigns, the three men presented themselves as protest and anti-elite figures.

These are the 5 political positions in which they are most similar.

5 political positions in which Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro are similar. Photo: REUTERS/Cristina Sillé

1. Trump, Bolsonaro and Milei “fight” against political elites

A strong element of Milei’s campaign was her speech against “the usual politicians.” and the decline of Argentina over the last hundred years. In this context, He would be the savior character who is not part of this political order and who will change things with his differences.

No wonder one of their mottos is “the caste is afraid”.

This presentation has something in common with Trump and Bolsonaro: “All three are similar in the sense of being anti-system, but they know the system well. And they take advantage of this knowledge to say: “I know the system, it is corrupt and it discriminates against you and it discriminates against pure and honest people. » assured Patricio Navia, doctor in political science from the New York University wing BBC .

5 political positions in which Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro are similar. Photo: REUTERS/Go Nakamura

2. All three leaders used social media to communicate with voters

At first, Trump, Bolsonaro and Milei were not taken “seriously” by their opponents or by the traditional media. Thus, according to analysts, They used social media to their advantage to connect with voters and thus capture media coverage.

For example, Milei made sweeping statements on TikTok such as that climate change is a “socialist lie”, that if he won he would “dynamite” the Argentine Central Bank, that the local currency was “excrement” and that Pope Francis was “evil”.

The same was true for Trump who, according to political scientist Todd Belt, professor at George Washington University , “No one has been able to use social media to augment traditional media coverage the way he has.” In other words, the basis of the success of his 2016 campaign was social media.

AND Bolsonaro is not to be outdone: in 2018, he was elected president, despite only 8 seconds of electoral propaganda on television. “This was only possible thanks to this fragmentation of communication that exists today, enabled by social networks,” said the expert.

5 political positions in which Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro are similar. Photo: REUTERS/Diego Vara

3. Milei, Trump and Bolsonaro present themselves as anti-communists

Although they are Argentina’s main trading partners, Milei has repeatedly assured that his government will have no relations with China. But, at the same time, he added that businessmen “are free” to negotiate with the countries of their choice.

Trump, during his recent campaign for the 2024 US elections, said he wanted to prevent the entry of “communists and Marxists” into the country. . Bolsonaro, for his part, has also demonstrated an anti-communist ideology.

However, analysts explained that For Argentina and Brazil, it is difficult to maintain the anti-China discourse over time since the Asian country is one of its largest trading partners.

4. The three have similar positions on gender ideology and abortion

Trump, Bolsonaro and Milei present themselves as pro-life politicians and even share criticisms of gender ideology.

However, Milei has some differences from her peers: He does not consider himself conservative, but ultraliberal. This is reflected in the fact that, for example, He is not against same-sex marriage. because “individuality must be respected”, unlike Bolsonaro who is categorically opposed to it.

5. Milei and Bolsonaro have similarities in their relationships with military regimes

Bolsonaro, in his campaign, defended the supposed economic progress made by Brazil’s dictatorship in 1964 and rejected human rights accusations that took place during that period.

Milei, for his part, was the first candidate to question the total number of victims of the dictatorship in Argentina. and alleged that human rights organizations had incorrectly reported this figure (which was lower than declared).

Furthermore, Victoria Villarruel – elected vice-president of Argentina – assured that she intended to review the compensation paid by the State to victims of the dictatorship.

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