This is the lost interview in which Banksy confirms his first name

After a reporter asked him in 2003 if that was his specific name, he corrected it. This is what the famous urban artist responds to.

Over the years, Banksy has positioned itself as one of the most important names in at least two areas: in artists urban and in that of the authors whose true identity is unknown .

Through an ironic style, With a strong political and social message, it has established itself as a reference for several generations. with his works.

Among the graffiti he painted on the walls of the world, There are such satirical illustrations as that of a protester forcefully throwing a bouquet of flowers, mice handling weapons of war, and children playing on an apparent swing (which is actually a piece of rusty metal placed in front of a wall ). to create a three-dimensional visual effect).

Although the style of the author from Bristol (United Kingdom) is one of the most recognized in the world, Until now, he has preferred to remain anonymous. At least publicly .

However, a missed interview he had with the BBC During the British summer of 2003, on the occasion of the opening of an exhibition, he shed new light that would confirm your name stack.

This is the lost interview in which Banksy confirms his first name. Photo: Banksy.

Banksy and the lost interview in which he discusses his identity

In the conversation he had with journalist Nigel Screw, he asked her if her name was “Robert Banks” .

Given this request, Banksy replied emphatically: “It’s Robbie. » .

The first and second have been suggested for years on the Internet as possible names. of the artist, as well as others like Robert.

However, Beyond this interview, he has not officially confirmed his identity. towards the general public.

The interview can be heard on BBC Sounds under the title The history of banks which translates into Spanish as “the story of Banksy”.

Despite Some chapters of this podcast had already been published in the middle of this year, this Monday a new one was published after the interview was retrieved loss.

The latter was found by Screw himself on a small hard drive that he found at home.

And alongside the response linked to his first name, Banksy also discussed other topics such as critiquing his methods of creating art and how he captured his signature style. .

Listen to the additional chapter of The history of banks TO DO click on this link .

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