It’s not AI, it’s Argentina: Conan O’Brien appeared on public television, a message for Javier Milei?

The American presenter, who was also a screenwriter for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons, spoke about the present that the trans-Andean country is experiencing.

“We have a new intern! Such Conan O’Brien added to Public mornings to give you the traffic status” .

This was the message that Argentine public television posted on his official X account the social network formerly known as Twitter.

But beyond the written word, what catches the attention of Internet users is that The American presenter and actor was actually seen in the channel’s studio .

This is not a video made with artificial intelligence (AI), but rather it’s him, giving the details of the transit with the classic charisma that characterizes him .

Before doing so, performed in a restless dance in the company of the panelists.

“This morning, as almost always, we have traffic! he said in Spanish with a strong accent of his mother tongue, while making an ironic and exaggerated gesture while wiping his tears.

“Intense on highways and main access routes to the city of Buenos Aires (…) Leave with time and patience, thanks to concerts by Roger Waters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers “, he added in the middle of his predictions.

And when asked if he wanted to give any further advice, he replied: “Remember not to use your cell phone while driving, wear your seat belt, pay attention to all traffic rules and do not drink a single drop of alcohol” .

O’Brien’s visit This is happening amid the recent rise of the libertarian movement. Javier Milei who became the country’s elected president this Sunday after defeating the ruling Sergio Massa in the elections.

Conan O’Brien and his appearance on Argentine public television

Among the measures proposed by the leader of La Libertad Avanza are move forward with closing or privatizing all state-owned enterprises .

The last also includes public television from Argentina.

According to the trans-Andean media, informed of this situation by the driver of the Public morningsErnestina Pais, the man of Late Night with Conan O’Brien He expressed his support for the channel’s employees and recalled the experience in his country when Republican Donald Trump became president. .

“You have to take it one day at a time. And we are confident that everything will be fine.” he said in statements saved by the news agency Telam .

Such comments drew applause. from those present.

TV journalist Fabiana Solano also shared another post in which we see who was the screenwriter of Saturday Night Live And The simpsons posing in photos with the Public TV team .

“Look who came to the bank” he pointed out alongside the images.

For its part, Last week he published a video in which he is seen at the sports headquarters of Club Atlético San Lorenzo, where he said he was “very excited to play football in Argentina.”

Check out these logs below.

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