The fierce fight between the singer and the guitarist of Brian Jonestown Massacre during a concert

The audience was paralyzed after watching their favorite band fight with fists and even hit each other in the head with a guitar. The following dates of his tour were canceled.

What should have been a memorable evening full of Music For his fans, it turned out to be a real nightmare. American rock group Brian Jonestown Massacre was performing on stage in Melbourne, Australia, when suddenly, in the middle of the show, the singer and the guitarist began to to fight without hesitation.

Enraged, they began exchanging shouts, but the fight quickly escalated and they began hitting each other with their fists. Right away, The band’s leader, Anton Newcombe, did not hesitate to hit his colleague Ryan Van Kiredt’s head with a guitar, while the other ran away.

The fans were paralyzed by the argument.

The fierce fight between the singer and the guitarist of Brian Jonestown Massacre during a concert

What the fight was like at the Brian Jonestown Massacre show in Melbourne

“Two hours at the scene of abuse and constant arguments” one user wrote on Instagram, in a fateful publication of the rock group who announced his concert that day.

Fans revealed that Brian Jonestown Massacre only made it through six songs before he started fighting and ultimately canceled the show.

Although they have not yet made a public statement, according to participants, The fight broke out when Anton asked Ryan on the microphone to leave the stage. “Cut this guy’s mic. Leave my guitar. “The party’s over, Captain.” is heard in one of the recordings published on social networks.

“We don’t really need you.” Go away. “Leave my guitar on stage and think about what’s happening.” he added.

But his companion did not remain silent and replied: “You better think about it, man. Because it’s forever!

That’s when they started pushing each other and Anton took advantage of the moment to hit him with his guitar. The confrontation was so violent that the security guards in the room had to separate them, while the public was waiting for what would happen next.

Some fans claimed the singer was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, while others They noted that “Anton and the band had virtually no interest in playing music. They were whispering among themselves, disturbing the drummer and the people in the audience (…)” reads a participant’s comment.

Did the band Brian Jonestown Massacre break up?

No statement from the group has been released, However, they still had pending dates for their tour of Australia and New Zealand. According to various local media, the rest of the presentations were canceled.

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