US warns Wagner Group preparing to support ‘Hezbollah or Iran’ with air defense capabilities

The information declassified by the government comes in the midst of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. According to the United States, the motion was ordered at the direction of Russia.

During the day of this Tuesday, the White House of UNITED STATES recently declassified shared intelligence information .

Authorities suggest that he Wagner Group the military company which has an army of mercenaries, is preparing to provide air defense capabilities “for Hezbollah Oh Iran » .

The warning from National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby This happens amidst the tensions you are experiencing Middle East because of conflicts between Israel And Hamas .

According to the statements of the American spokesperson who were rescued by CNN in Spanish , This support was ordered under the direction of the government of Russia chaired by the president Vladimir Poutine who continued the invasion into the territory of Ukraine .

The United States warns that the Wagner Group is preparing to support “Hezbollah or Iran” with air defense capabilities. Photo: Wagner Group.

The US warning about the Wagner group’s alleged support for “Hezbollah or Iran”

Even if the American alert does not specify where the missile system would come from, the information collected by the aforementioned media specifies that Wagner was tasked with delivering an SA-22 surface-to-air projectile system from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon .

That’s what two people familiar with the matter told CNN, who said The operation was approved by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad .

“We will closely monitor whether Wagner supplies military equipment to Hezbollah or Iran (…) We are prepared to use our competent anti-terrorism sanctions authorities against Russian individuals or entities carrying out these transfers. destabilizing,” Kirby said.

Along with what has already been mentioned, the spokesperson stated that The United States also fears that Iran could supply missiles to Russia, a concern that emerged after the missiles were presented to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. during his visit to Tehran in September.

Both Wagner and Hezbollah have a presence in Syria, where they collaborate with Russian and Syrian armed forces to support the regime. of Assad.

Although Hezbollah has begun to withdraw its militants in recent years, The organization is supported by Iran, which itself is an ally of the Syrian president. .

For its part, The United States has warned them and other Iranian-backed groups not to get involved in what is happening between Israel and Hamas. .

To dissuade them, They positioned aircraft carriers and soldiers In the region.

However, Iran-backed organizations have carried out more than 60 attacks against US troops in Iraq and Syria alone since October 17, provoking a response armed.

Likewise, specialists consulted by the aforementioned media affirmed that Iran is measuring its intervention in the Gaza Strip conflict to avoid direct meetings with Israel or the United States. .

Because of that, They assume they have opted for other strategies that allow them to support to his allies.

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