The American was impressed by the variety of Chilean breads: “Come to Chile and enjoy the banquet”

Nick is married to a Chilean woman and was perplexed when he visited the country, after seeing that bakeries sold a dozen different types of bread. He expressed his surprise in a funny poem on social media.

White or wholemeal bread. These are the only two options that, according to the American Nick on his Instagram account, he is usually offered in his country of origin. That’s why he was so surprised when, once he visited her Chili I saw the variety of breads usually sold in bakeries.

The man made an entertaining video on his social networks, in which he began to list the long list of breads that our country offers. “Come to Chile and enjoy the banquet!” », This was the appeal he made to his supporters.

The American was impressed by the variety of Chilean breads: “Come to Chile and enjoy the banquet”

Chilean breads that an American highlighted on social networks

Nick, who in his biography said he had a Chilean wife, He visited the country and was shocked by the dozen or so breads usually sold in stores, supermarkets and bakeries.

In your video, He imitated that he was going to an American cafeteria and that he was only offered white bread or wholemeal bread. “Only two bread options?” It is too sad”.

“Are you American? Maybe hamburger bun Have you ever heard of the whole thing? You can also eat it with marraqueta. We have a ciabatta with pebre. Visitors come to get bread. “I don’t want it, I need it!” began listing Chilean breads in a poem mixing English and Spanish.

The American was impressed by the variety of Chilean breads: “Come to Chile and enjoy the banquet. » Photo from:

“Which bread comes next?” Coliza? Curve? “With tea?” alludes to the famous “once” that Chileans take at the end of the afternoon.

But it didn’t stop there. “Hallulla, special hallulla. Try something different, maybe a whole marraqueta. And if you’re visiting a wedding soon, how about a canape or tapadito? Kneaded bread if you’re a ‘ monster bro Do you want to be blown away right now? Try homemade sopaipillas » added the American.

“Chucha huón!” I want everyone to please. Throw that cooked dough in my mouth. Nick sang at the end of the video.

You can watch the full video here .

The reaction of Chileans to the video of the American and the bread

Quickly, Chilean users came to Nick’s video, which reached 12,000 likes and over 170,000 views, to comment on their opinions.

“Guys, if you come to Chile, I will just say ‘welcome to the land of fresh bread, the place where you have to buy bread every day.’ “We don’t buy bread for a week or two, we buy it daily.” one user mentioned in the video.

“The poetry that our bread deserves!” » congratulated another user.

And of course, The debate could not fail to know whether the correct name is marraqueta, beaten bread or French bread: “Are you from the north or the south?” Nick asked the user who started the discussion, demonstrating that he is acculturated to the latent struggles around this type of bread.

” Friend ! I am also married to a Chilean woman. It was very costs came across your video. “Now I miss the marraqueta too much!” a fellow American told him.

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