He had a date at a concert and they left him for the guitarist of the group

In a TikTok video, a young Argentinian named Matías Pascansky recounted how his partner had abandoned him for one of the band members they had gone to see.

“The worst missed date of my life” . This is how a young Argentinian described the experience he recently had during a romantic outing that ended in an unexpected and uncomfortable ending.

in a recording which he uploaded to his TikTok account, Matías Pascansky spoke about everything that happened to him that night. I had attended a recital next to a girl, and from what he saw, the appointment It was going for the best.

The course of the story changes suddenly when the show comes to an end and his companion decides to leave with the guitarist of the group. Matías, for his part, was waiting for him. His experience went viral in a matter of hours, allowing him to accumulate nearly 7 million views, 500,000 likes and 30,000 comments.

A young Argentinian recounts the “worst date” of his life

“People, what just happened to me doesn’t even happen in movies. I can not believe it”, Matías began to narrate in the video which was recorded at the same moments in which he experienced this unpleasant experience.

According to the young man, he had met the girl at another recital several months ago. As she was engaged at the time, he did not attempt to woo her or get to know her better.

It was only when the young woman ended their relationship that they connected on social media. “We recently added ourselves to Instagram and we had a concert from a metal band,” the Argentinian continued.

As agreed, they met and attended the concert together as a date. Everything seemed to be going well during the evening. “We were chatting and pretending to be cute,” Matías pointed out.

Matías Pascansky’s video has almost 7 million views. Photo: Social networks.

The recital ended and the girl asked him to go to the place where the musicians of the group, aged around 60, were staying. She lived far from there, so they decided that she would stay with Matías.

Once they arrived at the hotel, they started waiting for the group to arrive so they could take photos with them. “Out of nowhere I see that the girl enters the hotel with the guitarist… that means she abandoned me here” said Matías, still disconcerted by his companion’s decision.

The young woman, however, tried to give a brief justification to Matías through a message. “Hey, I’ll grab a wine and let’s go,” the post said.

In a moment of sincerity, Matías spoke about the feelings he was experiencing: he felt sadness, but at the same time anger.

“Why do these things happen? I mean, this guy is a rockstar and I’m a normal guy but I didn’t think these terrible things were going to happen.” he remarked incredulously.

Even though they had stood him up, Matías still thought that his partner lived very far away and would have nowhere to spend the night, so he began to doubt whether he should continue waiting for her outside the house. ‘hotel.

“I don’t know if I should wait for the girl or go home, I don’t want to go either because she lives far away and she told me she was coming to my house, you understand”, a- he declared. He only chose to leave the premises when someone else advised him to do so.

“I never thought something like this would happen to me (…) Every day I trust people less” the Argentinian pointed out, showing his disappointment at everything that had happened that night.

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