It’s Dua Lipa’s book club

The Pretty Please singer is a voracious reader, and to take that passion to another level, she launched her own book club this year. One of his recommendations was One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez.

Since Dua Lipa made his debut in music, his fame continued to grow. successes like Don’t start now, Levitation, Dancing at night and others have led the Anglo-Albanian artist to become one of the pop stars of the moment worldwide.

But in addition to devoting herself to music, Dua Lipa has been passionate about another activity for years: reading .

To delve deeper into this hobby, which she describes as one of life’s “deepest pleasures”, in May this year announced that she would be starting her own book club. “For as long as I can remember, wherever I go, I take a book with me. “Reading is an extremely important part of my life and one of my greatest joys.” declared the interpreter of Pretty please.

In this way, the initiative began to integrate Service95 the editorial platform launched by Dua Lipa in 2022 and which she describes as “a concierge service for style, culture and society”.

What is Dua Lipa’s Book Club?

As described on the Service95 website, the composer’s project seeks to become a refuge where it is possible to “share the titles that mean the most to us and immerse ourselves together in the minds of some of the best authors in the world”.

The idea is that each month, group members can read and discuss a title chosen by Dua Lipa herself. These books feature “diverse global voices,” cover diverse genres, such as fiction, memoir, and poetry, and range from classic to newer.

One of Dua Lipa’s recommendations is the book We Were Kids by Patti Smith. Photo: Instagram.

Additionally, the artist’s book club seeks to offer supplementary material to its members to encourage further debate and reflection.

Indeed, members have access to questions and answers with each writer, allowing them to get closer to “their inspirations and the worlds they create”, in addition to discussion guides and lists of literary recommendations generated by the authors themselves.

What books did you recommend?

Since the book club has existed for several months, the voice of New rules He has already offered six books to the public.

In the case of the August monthly statement, the choice was made Half yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi . It is a novel that transports Nigeria during the years of the Biafra War, through the vision of three characters.

“Chimamanda deftly balances truth and fiction, giving a vivid sense of what was at stake for those who lived through the war and giving this parody the attention it deserves” notes the artist on the Service95 website.

The Anglo-Albanian artist chooses titles to read for her book club. Photo: Instagram.

From Dua Lipa’s vision, the author depicts not only the war in this story, but also “parallel love stories” between her characters.

A month later he recommended the memoir we were children by Patti Smith , which shows the intense relationship that the author had with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Exploring the reasons for his choice, the artist described Smith as “an absolute rock and roll icon and personal hero.”

“I would have loved to be a part of such a great time. Patti gives us the next best thing: perhaps the most compelling story ever written about 1970s New York. says the British pop star.

In October, Latin American literature takes center stage within the club: the chosen title is A hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A novel which, in the words of Dua Lipa, “bewitched” her.

“I was captivated by the fantastical elements that coexist with reality and I loved the way time turns and sways in the fictional town of Macondo” describe.

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