The 3 daily drinks that increase the risk of suffering from dementia

In addition to diet, it is important to be aware that the fluids we ingest, such as drinks and juices, can impact our brain health.

When talking about health and nutrition, it is very common to talk only about foods, such as which fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into the diet or the different types of proteins that should be prioritized, among others.

Howeverwe must not leave aside the types of liquids that we consume. And recently, a group of German scientists from University of Giessen discovered that drinks rich in sugars free -that people usually consume in their daily lives- significantly increase the risk of dementia.

The 3 daily drinks that increase the risk of suffering from dementia

What are the 3 drinks that increase the risk of dementia

The study carried out by German researchers published in the Nature Magazine showed that Drinks high in free sugars that increase the risk of dementia are:

  1. Fruit drinks.
  2. Flavored milk drinks.
  3. Sodas.

These three types of presentations They typically contain free sugar, which is any sugar added during the manufacturing process, which inflames the brain and plays an important role in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

This conclusion was reached after analyze the diets of 186,622 participants, aged 37 to 73, for ten full years.

For example, they found that Those who drank a small milk drink every day, such as McDonald’s ice cream, increased their risk of developing dementia by 39% over a 10-year period.

The 3 daily drinks that increase the risk of suffering from dementia

For its part, drinking a can of Coca-Cola increased the risk by 21%.

In the analysis, they also studied foods or drinks containing natural sugars and were able to determine that there is “no significant association” that damages the brain.

Why Eating Added Sugar Can Cause Dementia

The Germans have not found the reason for the risk of dementia caused by sugar consumption. However, A series of studies suggest that sugar causes inflammation, making the body more prone to neurodegenerative diseases.

Even though I didn’t know the cause, Experts have recommended preventing the disease through lifestyle improvements, such as diet and increasing daily exercise, because Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are diseases for which there is still no cure. remedy.

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