People age more slowly on a plane, say two leading scientists

Just as happens in the film Interstellar and as Albert Einstein argued, time is affected and distorted by speed and gravity. It is experience that has verified it.

Beat him time it’s possible? This is what Joseph Hafele and Richard Keating, two American physicists, asked themselves. After numerous studies on the subject, the two scientists wanted to show that aging could be slower during high-speed flights.

For that, They installed four synchronized atomic clocks on board different commercial aircraft —these clocks are precise, since they measure time using atoms— and they left one on the ground to see if, once reunited, they would mark the same time.

Was Albert Einstein right then and his theory of relativity? These were the results of the experiment.

People age more slowly on a plane, say two leading scientists

Why does time pass slower on a plane?

Clocks moving eastward, in the direction of the Earth’s rotation, became slow. For their part, those who traveled west moved forward.

This phenomenon confirms Einstein’s theory of relativity, which postulates that Time is not universal and passes more slowly as an object’s speed increases.

Additionally, gravity also enters the equation: The further we move away from the gravitational pull of the Earth, the more time speeds up slightly. This is why black holes significantly change the perception of time, because they have such a strong gravitational force that even light cannot escape from them.

It’s like it happened in the movie Interstellar . For those who saw it“This effect is explored in the film, where astronauts who have explored a planet near a black hole emerge to discover a changed world, one that has evolved without them.” explained the astrophysics professor to the Oxford University Chris Linttot BBC .

People age more slowly on a plane, according to two leading scientists. Photo: Interstellar

“As the film makes clear, there is no point in debating whether the time spent near or far from the black hole is the “right” time. “Relativity tells us that no such thing exists,” he added.

The atomic clock and airplane experiment demonstrated something similar, but in a much smaller perception than that of a black hole. However, Speed ​​and gravity have been proven to affect the flow of time.

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