The lucrative business of OnlyFans “chatters”: they pose as erotic models to make money

Their job is to pose as the people who appear in the images, in order to carry on conversations with users and generate extra money.

It is very likely that on several occasions you have heard of Only fans . This digital platform allows content creators to share photos and videos in others social networks could be censored .

Yes OK, not all accounts listed there offer hardware pornographic , the majority of them offer eroticism.

In this way, users They can pay a monthly subscription to access exclusive content from creators, but they can also earn them through tipping or interacting with them via chat. private.

In this last space, in addition to speaking, You can purchase additional equipment . Many times it is of a personalized nature and with references to aspects such as their names or fantasies sexual specific.

A general level, subscriptions tend to be priced around $10,000 Chilean pesos, although of course they may be higher or lower.

Although both modalities can become a promising source of income as you gain more followers, Interacting with users directly in chat can be a complex task when you accumulate thousands and thousands of fans .

This is where the so-called “talkers” come in. from OnlyFans.

Your job is to: impersonate models in conversations, in order to satisfy user needs .

And while there are content creators who directly engage their chatters to help them, There are also companies dedicated to offering this service. .

The lucrative business of OnlyFans “chatters”: they pose as erotic models to make money. Photo: reference.

What is the OnlyFans chatter business like?

One of the people who works in this field is Juan Hernández, a 22-year-old with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and lives in Santa Rosa, Philippines.

In an interview with The country he said that He works as a “chatterbox” six hours a day and starts his work early in the morning, due to the time difference. that you have with your customers.

The vast majority of them are men .

In this way, He is dedicated to talking to potential buyers about exclusive offers, which follow the model he claims to be. .

According to the aforementioned media, most profits come from custom chats more than in monthly subscriptions, while Advice from seasoned fans is also an important source. .

The “chatter” They charge an amount per hour and an additional commission for each content they sell which can reach up to 15%.

To accomplish this task, Beforehand, they must prepare with scripts that predict conversations, personality guides for each model and a small dictionary in which terms related to fetishes are explained. sexual.

“In the first weeks, a manager monitors your screen to assess your English, your speed and your natural speaking” said Hernández, who asked to reserve his real identity.

The rest is “getting into the skin of the character”, so “You have to know how to embody the model, speak like her, know her origins” .

Currently, he acts as a “chatter” for three models .

“Sometimes you go crazy with so many personalities” » added Hernández, who has held this position for a year and arrived there on the recommendation of his sister-in-law.

At first the idea seemed strange to him, because he thought he might get into legal trouble, “but Then I realized it was like my previous job. “.

Previously worked as a social media manager .

Along with this, he said that It’s now common for you to see photos of naked men as you go about your day, laying down the law. naked thinking that the person who actually sees them is the model that they follow.

“They have become a common element in my life” he declared, then added that, like him, his girlfriend works the same way .

Hernández and another Filipino “talker” named Ronald Soriano – who also withheld his real name – told El País that At first, they felt guilty about pretending to be someone else. .

“Me and the model are lying” he asks himself.

However, this has changed over time and Today, he does not feel uncomfortable performing these tasks .

Soriano also currently feels no remorse: “If you think I’m someone else, yes, I’m lying. But we We learn to “become” the model, we adopt their way of speaking, their way of being, their story. We become an extension of them.”

Another “chatterbox” working in the Philippines, billed as Marlon De La Cruz, was more blunt: “I’m just typing and satisfying subscribers, but yes, maybe you can call me a scammer.” .

For its part, OnlyFans Terms of Service Suggest It’s Possible for a Third Party to Help Content Creators to manage your accounts.

However, they add that legal responsibility lies with the owners profiles.

None of the models contacted by the aforementioned media wanted to talk about this option. to resort to “chatter”.

A 31-year-old Romanian “talker” introduced by Sonya Popescu added: “As a woman, I feel that my interpretation is more natural, my speech is more like what the model might say. But I think men themselves know what they would like to hear from a woman. “.

He previously worked for an agency that specialized in providing these services to OnlyFans content creators. And as he said, a subscriber fell in love with the character she played .

“He believed he was having a relationship with the model. He sent her money to buy dresses and encouraged her to continue posting photos. “, he detailed.

The information retrieved by El País assures that A considerable number of “talkers” come from the Philippines, as is the case of Hernández and Soriano. .

That This is partly due to the time difference between this country and the United States. territory in which the majority of customers are located.

When fans log in during the early hours of the morning (peak time on the platform), in the Philippines, they are online during the day, allowing them to have a schedule closer to that of a traditional job. .

To this is added that They can bill in dollars, an option that benefits them against the Philippine peso.

The lucrative business of OnlyFans “chatters”: they pose as erotic models to make money. Photo: reference.

How much do they make posing as OnlyFans models?

The numbers may vary depending on the deal made, the number of followers the model has, and what additional content they manage to sell. to customers.

Still, De la Cruz, 21, said “You work from home or in a coffee shop and you can make $500 on your best day” .

This amount It is considerably higher than the minimum wage of almost $10 in the Philippines. .

If these hundreds of dollars are exchanged for Chilean pesos, That’s about $437,000 per day .

For its part, The model he claimed was paid between a thousand and three thousand dollars a day. .

After working with her for a while, then he decided to leave her .

“I already have experience and I feel like there are other agencies that can pay me better. “.

Asked by the aforementioned media whether large companies that use this modality can endanger the autonomy of content generators, Popescu replied: “There are worse and better agencies, but models can change easily” .

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