How often should the sheets be changed?

According to an expert, when bedding is not in optimal condition, due to dirt or bad odors, the quality of sleep could deteriorate.

Having a busy life can mean that, from time to time, we don’t give enough importance to simple everyday tasks.

One of them is to modify Bed sheets of the bed frequently. Just thinking about this action might cause you discomfort or laziness, however, you must understand that everyone should adopt this hygiene habit.

The reason is very simple: every night we spend about 8 hours in bed, and during this process, remains of skin, makeup, dust, mites, bacteria, bodily secretions, odors and even hair animals accumulate in this space. In short, a big dose of dirt.

The more time we go without replacing the sheets, the more directly we will share with that dirt.

How often should you wash sheets?

As explained in BBC Lindsay Browning, neuroscientist and sleep expert, It is optimal to change the sheets at least once a week. At most every two weeks.

“If you don’t wash the sheets enough, your dead skin cells will build up on those sheets,” the expert stressed to British media.

Bacteria, dust mites and skin debris accumulate on bedding.

Although you might think that in winter it is not necessary to change them so frequently, because the temperatures drop and we sweat less, Browning mentioned that even then, this should be done once a week to maintain cleanliness.

On the other hand, there are those who think that showering in the evening also avoids the responsibility of changing the sheets so often. However, during this season, allergens tend to build up in this area, which could then cause congestion, according to Browning.

What happens if the sheets are not changed?

When sheets are left on the mattress for longer than recommended, for example if they have not been changed for months, the effects will be reflected on health.

Sofía Luján, doctor at the Fleni sleep laboratory, told the newspaper Bugle that when the bedding is not in optimal condition, due to dirt or bad odors, sleep quality deteriorates . In addition, it promotes the development of respiratory and skin allergies, due to the presence of dust, mites and other elements.

The ideal is to change the sheets every week, according to specialists.

In the case of people suffering from asthma, atopic dermatitis and various allergies, it is possible that the symptoms of your illnesses are exacerbated as Gabriel Noriega, head of the dermatology department at the British hospital, explained to the Argentine media.

Experts agree that the bed should be a sacred space, and to achieve this, it’s essential to start paying more attention to changing the sheets regularly. This simple step will save you from having to deal with bad odors and unnecessary dirt, and at the same time, take more care of our sleep.

“If we go to bed and feel relaxed, comfortable and happy, that smell of new bedding helps us feel calm and happy” Browning said.

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