One Man’s Controversial Trick to Feel More Comfortable on a Plane

On her TikTok account, an influencer shared what her father did on a 15-hour flight to Seoul.

go on a flight It is both a very exciting and exhausting experience, especially if the journey lasts several hours. In this process, falling asleep on the seat might become a difficult goal for some passengers.

Recently, a video where a man appears who has struck trick to be more comfortable and sleep peacefully in the plane : He lay down on the floor, next to the seats. The situation sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some users saying it was a good idea, while others rejected it outright.

A man’s action to be comfortable on the plane

Natalie Bright, a 42-year-old influencer who frequently shares lifestyle videos on her TikTok account, it was he who recorded his father’s action and then He published the record on his social networks.

At the start of the video, you can see that Bright’s father was waiting at the airport like any other passenger. Their destination was Seoul, South Korea. Suddenly, the scene changes and the man appears lying on the floor of the plane, in the usually free space between the seats which allows him to stretch his legs.

“Economy class flight for 15 hours? There is no problem” , wrote the tiktoker in the publication. One of the shots in the clip shows that the man had his arms crossed and was sleeping soundly. Then he changed his position, but continued to rest.

The father of influencer Natalie Bright was lying on the floor of the plane.

The influencer’s content has made an impact on the Chinese platform, accumulating just over 12 million views and almost 600,000 likes.

Some Internet users found Bright’s father’s tip clever and wondered why they hadn’t thought of it for their trips.

“Smart, but I’ll put a blanket under it”, “I’d rather stay on the floor than sit for 14+ hours in these uncomfortable seats, but they never let me” and “Only the best dads can do the floor the plane. look comfortable,” are some of the comments read.

However, another group of users informed the influencer that this was a trick that violated the safety rules of the plane, that it could pose risks to her father and that it was very unsanitary.

Reference photo.

“Tell him to get up, it’s dirty like a hospital floor”, “as a former flight attendant you don’t want to know what I saw on those mats”, “good luck if there is strong turbulence. were among the negative write-ups the tiktoker received for boasting about the trick.

In another post Made on the same social network, Bright shared how his father was doing after the flight that took them to Seoul, South Korea. In the clip, we can see that the man is very happy in these Asian lands, without any major body problems after sleeping this way on the plane.

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