How Pablo Escobar fell, told from the perspective of the cop who caught him

Óscar Naranjo was the general who led a special command to arrest the most wanted drug trafficker in Colombian history. This is their version of how they managed to take him down.

On December 2, 1993, the authorities Colombian They were able to take a break after a year and a half. That day, Pablo Escobar, the most wanted drug trafficker in the country’s history and who had declared war on the state, was killed.

And although to this day there are series, documentaries and films that tell how difficult and dangerous this search was, one of police who caught him decided to tell his version of events.

Oscar Naranjo He was the general responsible for leading the Joint Special Command (CEC) created to reinforce the Colombian police and army in the search for Escobar, when he escaped from the prison where he had surrendered.

This is your version.

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How Pablo Escobar fell, told from the perspective of the cop who caught him

How did the latest persecution of Pablo Escobar unfold?

Naranjo recently published his book titled The collapse of Pablo Escobar where he reveals the secrets and strategies he used to corner Escobar three decades ago.

This exciting story dates the last hours of the “worst criminal in the history of Colombia”.

The persecution began in La Catedral, a “luxury” prison in Colombia, where the drug trafficker, unbeknownst to the authorities, could do whatever he wanted. Escobar had surrendered in exchange for refusing to be extradited to the United States.

However, Despite the agreement he had then made with the Colombian president, he escaped as soon as it was announced that he would be transferred to a “real prison”.

“From this escape a story is told with ups and downs, with an initial phase of an Escobar who wanted to send messages that he wanted to surrender again to gain time and rearm; and a second in which it launches an indiscriminate narcoterrorist offensive in major cities,” Naranjo said.

That’s when the police came into play, leading the Joint Special Command (JSC) to support the police and military. Along with his team, they were responsible for finding the criminal’s weaknesses to develop a solid strategy and “better anticipate the actions Escobar would take.”

How Pablo Escobar fell, told from the perspective of the cop who caught him

The mistake that condemned Pablo Escobar

After the escape, Escobar made a misstep. He broke “the basic rules which made him uncapturable, impenetrable”: he spoke by telephone with his family, who had returned to Bogota after failing to obtain asylum in Germany.

Naranjo assured that Escobar “lost his emotional balance” and that is why he did not resist communicating with those close to him.

However, An important role also played “Los Pepes”, a criminal group of enemies of Escobar who “after seeing that the state was incapable of capturing Pablo Escobar, organized and unleashed a terrorist campaign worse than that of Escobar him -even”.

The police officer is sure that the drug trafficker’s downfall was due to the convergence of factors: the state improved its intelligence capabilities, Escobar was psychologically destabilized, Germany and other countries refused to grant the asylum to his family and, finally, “Los Pepes”. They were responsible for carrying out disturbing actions that also weakened the criminal.

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