How paddle tennis courts cause the death of thousands of birds

Although this sport is a healthy and entertaining pastime for people, at the same time it poses serious problems for wildlife.

It is undoubtedly the sport of the moment. He paddle —of Mexican origin—has captivated thousands of athletes in Chile, which results in an increase in demand for areas that allow them to practice and spend their free time.

According to media figures Forbes , In the country there are more than 1,700 paddle tennis courts and, per week alone, 28,500 games are played.

And although it is a healthy and entertaining pastime for people, it seems that the animals They don’t have the same luck. In Spain, some environmental organizations are beginning to warn that birds They are dying because of paddle tennis courts.

How paddle tennis courts cause the death of thousands of birds

How paddle tennis courts kill birds

The main problem with the death of birds on paddle tennis courts would be the glass walls that they usually have around them. These animals do not have the ability to distinguish a glass surface, so during their flight they collide with force and eventually die.

“The birds do not see the wall against which they are heading, either because it is transparent, which also happens to us, or because it is like a mirror which reflects the surrounding sky and vegetation, and they think: “there is a tree”. ‘ “ he explained to the newspaper The country Beatriz Sánchez, head of the urban biodiversity program of the ornithology NGO SEO/BirdLife .

After a series of complaints regarding this situation reached the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office, This organization has determined that there is “a serious threat to the birds.”

Indeed, the head of the environment at the State Public Prosecutor’s Office, Antonio Vercher, wrote to his colleagues in the prosecution to ask them address the problem using the Spanish Penal Code, which extends cases of abuse beyond domestic animals.

That’s to say, Those responsible for the padel courts could risk sentences ranging from six to 18 months in prison.

How paddle tennis courts cause the death of thousands of birds. Photo: Pablo Sanhueza

How to solve the problem of paddle tennis courts and birds

For Sanchez, A possible solution to prevent the death of more birds on paddle tennis courts would be to use stickers that cover the windows and prevent these animals from colliding with them.

The ideal, according to the expert, would be to use vertical strips spaced at least ten centimeters apart: “This is what we call the palm rule, which consists of not leaving larger spaces than this size,” she explained.

Another remedy, simpler and less expensive, is use nets or bars around transparent walls. Birds can see them and even perceive them as a danger, which is why they usually move away.

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