5 Japanese Tips to Be Slim and Healthy Without Following a Strict Diet

Japan has one of the lowest rates of obesity among its people, in addition to a culture where it is established to try to be healthy and have the right weight.

Japan There is a culture where, in general, people try to be healthy and at the right weight. However, In other parts of the world, like Europe or America, the Overweight and the obesity This is usually a serious problem which affects a large part of its population.

As a result, the Internet and social networks are full of “magic recipes” for losing weight quickly and almost effortlessly. However, none of these methods work and, on the contrary, they can harm your health.

But how can Japan have one of the lowest rates of obesity among its residents? These are some of the “tips” – more like techniques – that they usually apply in their daily lives.

5 Tricks Japanese People Use to Get Slim and Healthy Without Following a Strict Diet

1. Eat foods that are easy to digest

Japanese food is easy to digest, especially because it uses a lot of rice, rice noodles and vegetables. In addition, they generally adapt their diet according to the seasons to “improve its digestibility”. For example, in summer they consume more raw and fresh products, while in winter they choose to cook them more.

2. Don’t fill yourself with food

The method Hara Hachi Bu (meaning eight parts of the belly) consists of stop eating when you start to feel full . This “trick” marks an important difference from Western countries, where people generally eat until they can eat no more.

5 Tricks Japanese People Use to Get Slim and Healthy Without Following a Strict Diet

3. Do Moderate Exercise

The Japanese do not “commit suicide” for several hours in the gym. In its place, They choose to do moderate workouts, such as daily walking, yoga or stretching. This, in addition to keeping them physically healthy, also helps the mind, as it reduces stress, which is ultimately a factor why the body accumulates fat in the body.

4. Take hot baths

To help the body burn calories, reduce inflammation and aid sleep a hot bath for 20 minutes can be a great ally.

5. Maintain good posture

Japanese physician Toshiki Fukutsudzi stated that Maintaining good posture can help you lose weight . His technique involves sitting on the floor with your legs straight and putting a rolled-up towel behind your back.

Then you need to lie down in a straight position with the towel under your waist and try to bring the toes of both feet together to form a triangle. Finally, raise your arms above your head and try to bring your little fingers together.

Fukutsudzi explained that once the posture is achieved, it is advisable to hold it for at least five minutes.

This doesn’t mean you’ll automatically lose weight by doing so, but having good posture every day can help you lose weight, along with a good diet and regular physical activity.

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